Gerian Sunworship Jw "Scott"


Ch Buebezi Pride 'N' Joy Ch Amalie Deep in My Soul Ch Riding's Deep in My Heart Timeless Twilight's Fame or Fortune
Riding's Red Riding Hood
Ch Amalie Sweet Surprise Mallicot Ace of Base
Ch Amalie Sucha Surprise at Belrah
Ch Silvermoor's Black Opal at Buebezi Silvermoor's Spritzer Pelido Forgotten Dreams
Silvermoor's Barley Sugar
Silvermoor's May Bee Amalie Mild Affair
Silvermoor's Busy Lizzie
Gerian Sunorchid Ch Harper's Field Xeltic Lord of The Dance at Gerian
Ch Silvermoor's Highland Chief Golden Heritage from Aaronwell
Silvermoor's Barley Sugar
Matai What's That Sundorne Christian Spirit
Matai Fancy That
Gerian Sunblush Gerian Sunset Geosan Flashback at Mallicot
Ch Gerian Sunshine
Gerian Black Stockings at Kirikomi Gerian Hello Handsome
Amalie Black Sensation For Gerian


             Rus Ch Jun Rus Ch Dzhimis Favourite Of Gerian "Solo"

GB Ch, Int Ch, Jun Club Ch, Club Ch 
Elsamos Star Traveller

Ch Amalie Deep In My Soul

Ch Riding's Deep In My Heart

Timeless Twilight's Fame Or Fortune
Riding's Red Riding Hood

Ch Amalie Sweet Suprise

Mallicot Ace Of Base
Ir Ch Amalie Such A Suprise At Belrah
Elsamos Moonglow
Ch Elsamos Starflash Geosan Flashback At Mallicot
Elsamos Moon Dreamer
Elsamos Moon Dreamer Ch Abbeywater Faberge At Evad
Mallicot Paper Doll At Elsamos
Nat Club Ch Dzhimis Ladle Out Praise
Int Ch Xplorer Of Slatestone
Ch Riding's Deep In My Heart
Timeless Twilights Fame of Fortne
Ridings Red Riding Hood
Unchain My Heart of Slatestone Brilyn Misty Shadow
Romantic Dream of Slatestone
Rus Ch Dzhimis Kiss Of Angel
Old Gloden Gates Roxett

Int Ch Jonny Von Dunnwalder Busch

Ukr Ch Old Golden Gates Arrival Amour

Rus Ch Denfis Dam Silk

Int Ch Old Golden Gates Olympic Fire

Rus Ch Old Golden Gates Hot Silk


Gerian Sundiamond "Simba"

Ch Robbie Williams From Samhaven Ch Tour de France des Marécages du Prince to Samhaven

Ch Samhaven Contradiction

Ch Samhaven Addiction
Treglenza Elegant Charm at Samhaven
Orageuse et Ténébreuse des Marécages du Prince Ch Brilyn Misty Shadow at Carostar
Ch Ile-de-France des Marécages du Prince
Samhaven Charmed Ch Amalie Deep in My Soul Ch Riding's Deep in My Heart
Ch Amalie Sweet Surprise
Ch Samhaven Forgotten Charm Pelido Forgotten Dreams
Treglenza Elegant Charm at Samhaven
Gerian Suncherish Ch Samhaven Toast Marster Ch Aaronwell Antique Gold at Brilyn Ferncott Gold Blend for Aaronwell
Brilyn Satin Smile on Aaronwell
Ch Samhaven Toast Amalie Mild Affair
Ch Samhaven Coral
Sea Dreamer's Once Upon a Time Gerian Sunpure Gerian Sunset
Ch Gerian Sunsilk
Sea Dreamer's Wicked Game Ch Edward de la Bergerie des Quatre Vents
Baden Court Kiss And Be Friends